How to Withdraw your Bonus Winnings

There are plenty of bonuses for players to browse and if you're wondering how the withdrawal of your winnings works we've put together this article. Give it a look if you're after some quick tips.

Picking the Right Bonus

Before we even get to the matter of withdrawal, the first key decision to make is which promotion you want to get. This isn't just a matter of seeing the biggest amount of free spins or cash either, the critical point is actually the fine print, the downside. Every special offer comes with a couple (the wagering requirement and the withdrawal cap). The wagering requirement is a multiple of the bonus' value, with 30 times pretty common, 20 times good, and 50-100 times much less so. If you have a lower requirement then you're making life a lot easier for yourself when it comes to actually getting your hands on your winnings.

Incidentally, there are a couple of places you can find promotional codes. Casinos themselves are very keen to let players know about any special offers they're running, but you're probably better off using a review site, as these gather codes from various casinos and make it quicker and easier to compare them and choose the best of the bunch.

Funding Method Tip

Bonus Winning Withdrawal Tips

Away from the challenge of betting, you also need to double-check that your preferred option for withdrawal is actually available. Some funding methods are deposit only, and some can be geographically restricted (for example, Canadians may have difficulty withdrawing with MasterCard).

Bonuses often have time limits. These tend not to be onerous, and shouldn't be a problem, but at the same time you don't want to be faffing around when you have winnings to get.

Wagering Requirement Before Withdrawal

Bonus Winning Withdrawal Tips

The biggest challenge to getting your winnings is hitting the wagering requirement, as this necessitates a lot of betting which obviously increases the chances of bad luck and finishing behind. If you're near the withdrawal cap, with little scope to increase your winnings, find the best RTP (return to player) slots you can and just play it safe until you reach the requirement. If you have a choice of games, slots tend to contribute 100% to the wagering requirement whereas other games can be much less.

If you're playing with free credits and have a choice of table games, go for single deck blackjack. Play it perfectly, and it has the lowest house edge of any game.

Remember the Withdrawal Cap

Practically every bonus comes with this ceiling on winnings, and you should bear it in mind when deciding which games to play. There's no point chasing a jackpot of thousands if your cap is $150. Instead of running after huge prizes, focus on RTP to try and maximize your chances of finishing ahead.

Thanks for checking out our tips for withdrawal of your winnings from bonuses. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for the fine print.