Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our privacy policy page. This outlines how and why we gather and use your personal information. As ongoing usage of our website is considered to indicate acceptance of our policy, please familiarize yourself with it to ensure you're comfortable with this.

Third Parties

Third party websites may be linked to, but these links do not constitute approval or endorsements. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of third party websites.

Data Retention and Storage

Personal information is only held for as long as necessary to provide required services. We do not share personally-identifying data with third parties, or publicly, unless the law necessitates this action. Whilst we hold information, we store it in such a way as to protect against risks including unauthorized access, alteration, and copying.

Why Information is Gathered

We collect your data in order to provide you with services. At the point of collection, individuals are always made aware of this, and their consent sought. Individuals retain the right to decline, and the data will not be gathered in such cases. However, because we use data to provide services this may lead to either an inferior form of service, or a service not being available at all.